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Bajaur or Bajur or Bajour (Pashto: باجوړ) is an Agency (country subdivision) of the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) of Pakistan. Smallest of the agencies in FATA, it has a hilly terrain. According to the 1998 census, the population was 595,227 but other more recent estimates it has grown to 757,000. It borders Afghanistan's Kunar Province with a 52 km border. The headquarters of the Agency administration is located in the town of Khaar. Bajour is inhabited almost exclusively by Tarkani (Tarkalani) Pashtuns, and there are there main sub-tribes in Bajaur: Utman Khel, Tarkalanri, Mamund (Kakazai, Wur and Salarzai) as well as a small population of Safis. The Utman Khel are at the southeast of Bajaur, while Mamund are at the southwest, and the Tarkani are at the north of Bajaur. Its border with Afghanistan's Kunar province makes it of strategic importance to Pakistan and the region.

Facts and figures:

District Bajaur
Total Area in Sq.Kms 1816
Total population 1100000
Total no of union councils 07

PRSP Bajaur

PRSP bajaur was established in November 2007 and become operational in June 2008. Initially the activities were started in a nursing school which had been shifted to the new building of AHQ hospital khar later on.

Location: Agency Head Quarter Hospital Khar.
Telephone: 0942-221306

Services provided:

PRSP Bajaur is providing all kinds of Lower & Upper Orthotic services to the orthopedic and neurologically disabled people.